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Best Practices in Measuring Content Marketing Results focuses on the strategies, tactics and tools needed to get measurable results from your content marketing activities. Insights and skills learned will empower you to justify your content marketing activities and budget to clients, managers, executives and other stakeholders in your company or your agency.

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Join us at the 4th Annual Content Marketing Retreat this May 8th and 9th, as expert presentersoffer research and case studies that capture and share the cutting edge ROI strategies and tactics being used across B2B, B2C and Non-profit sectors.

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The Langley Center for New Media Programs

¬†Clinics: Clinics are evening programs, usually 1.5 to 2 hours long, covering a topic broadly in a lecture or presentation format. These are not hands-on, as they’re designed to cover a topic more broadly than deeply. Class sizes are typically limited to 15 participants.

Workshops: Workshops are 1 to 2 day programs which typically, but not always, provide some level of hands-on learning. Depending on the workshop, attendance may be limited to 10 to 15 participants.

Retreats: Retreats are 1 to 2 day events in which multiple speakers present on a topic, and breakout sessions with presenters are conducted so that attendees can go deeper into the topics covered. Retreats are larger networking events, including social networking activities, etc. Maximum attendance for a Retreat is 240 participants.