Matt Heinz’s Tools List: 2014 Content Marketing Retreat

June 4th, 2014

2014 Content Marketing Retreat

The following list contains tips and tools recommended by Matt Heinz at the 4th Annual Content Marketing Retreat, in Langley, WA on May 8th and 9th.

  1. The Math
    1. Attached is a sample spreadsheet we use for funnel projections
    2. Lead-Opp-Close Model (monthly version template)
  2. Buyer Persona & Insights
    1. Three types: Proactive, reactive & participatory
    2. Attached is a “needs to messaging” matrix template for high-level needs personas
    3. Audience Needs to Messaging Matrix Sample
  3. Planning & Editorial Calendar Development
    1. Attached is a very basic editorial calendar template
    2. Social Media Content Editorial Calendar Template
    3. (for keyword research)
  4. Content Development & Approvals
    1. Kapost (content development tools for enterprise or more complex companies)
    2. Smartsheet (XLS-based project management tools)
    3. Kan Ban Tool (agile marketing-based task management, works for content creation too)
  5. Publishing
    1. LinkedIn’s blogging platform
    2. Inbound Writer (SEO tool embedded in WordPress)
  6. Syndication & Social Sharing
    1. Floating Social (great for social sharing)
    2. (automated social sharing of new blog posts)
    3. GaggleAMP (organize & measure sharing of content from sales, employees, customer-facing teams, customers & fans, etc.)
    4. Sharebloc (crowd-source sharing of your content from other content marketers)
  7. Calls to Action
    1. FooBar (drop-down on-site offer tool in WordPress)
    2. Embedded links within blog posts
    3. Leadshare (within SlideShare)
  8. Social Lead Generation
    1. Socedo (lead generation from Twitter)
    2. Papershare (content-based lead capture across social channels)
    3. Progressive profiling (shorter forms to increase conversion rates over time, deepen database building)
  9. Comments & Participation
    1. Disqus commenting platform
    2. Little Bird (influencer identification & engagement)
  10. Follower/Community Growth
    1. Tweepi (related Twitter user search tools)
    2. Triberr (group automated sharing of new content)
    3. Hashtracking (metrics and top participants, plus transcripts, for hashtags)
  11. Repurposing
    1. Transcripts
    2. BrightTalk
    3. eLance
  12. Curation
    1. Curata
    2. Buffer (for queuing up content to throttle out across social channels at the frequency of your choosing)
    3. Feedly (the new Google Reader for aggregating RSS feeds)
    4. Nuzzel (daily content email sorted by those that have been most often shared by your direct network already)

2014 Content Marketing Retreat Presentation Slides

June 2nd, 2014

On May 8th and 9th, over 100 people convened in Langley, WA, on Whidbey Island, for the 4th Annual Content Marketing Retreat. The focus of the Retreat was “Best Practices in Measuring Content Marketing Results.”

Below are several blog posts written by attendees, as well as the slide decks presented by the speakers.

Summary Blog Posts

NOTE: Did you attend, and have you written a blog post about your experience? If so, please email info (at) with a link and we’ll add it to this post.

Breanne Boland at Content26 did a fabulous job at summarizing the key points of the day in 6 Takeaways from the Content Marketing Retreat

Pamela Muldoon at iMarket Solutions  encapsulated the insights of the keynote speaker Rand Fishkin, in her blog entitled 4 Lessons from Rand Fiskin at the Content Marketing Retreat.

The speaker’s presentations are provided in order of appearance, below.  If you’d also like to share your own post, please send along your link at: info@langleynewmedia. com

Speaker Slides

Day 1 Presentations

KEYNOTE: Rand Fishkin, MOZ and“Why Content Marketing Fails”

Martin van der Roest, Cadence9 – “Findings of Measuring Content Marketing Survey”

Russell Sparkman, FusionSpark Media  – “Content Strategy: Setting Yourself Up for Success”

Jon Wuebben, Content Launch – “The Six Magic Metrics of Content Marketing

Matt Heinz, Heinz Marketing – “The Content Marketing Platform Ecosystem”

Matt held an informal discussion that dove deep and fast into this topic.  We plan to have the video of his presentation available soon.

Pamela Muldoon, iMarketSolutions – “Understanding and Reporting Podcasting and Online Video Metrics”

Neil Beam –  “A Discussion About Word of Mouth Measurement”

Thad Kahlow, BusinessOnline – “Be An ROI Guy (or Gal), Content+Data+Customer Relationships = ROI”

Andrew Davis


Day 2-  Platform Day

Kathleen Byars, FusionSpark Media – “SEO Case Study”

Ted Bergstrom, WhatCounts – “Smart Marketing with Ted”


4 Lessons From Rand Fishkin At Content Marketing Retreat

May 30th, 2014

Guest Blog: Pamela Muldoon

May 2014

Recently I attended the Content Marketing Retreat on Whidbey Island in Langley, WA. This is the fourth consecutive year for this retreat, sponsored by the Langley Center for New Media and FusionSpark Media, both located on the island. This year’s theme was “Best Practices for Measuring Content Marketing ROI,” and the list of presenters took on such topics as SEO, tracking the right metrics, converting rich media to leads and measuring word-of-mouth marketing.

Pamela Muldoon, iMarket Solutions & Rand Fishkin, MOZ

Pamela Muldoon, iMarket Solutions & Rand Fishkin, MOZ

iMarket Solutions proudly partners with MOZ to track the various SEO tactics for our clients. The opportunity to see co-founder Rand Fishkin present his keynote was a pleasure and a learning experience all in one. Rand’s presentation “Why Your Content Marketing Will Fail” offered up some wise reflections on how online marketing has evolved, and provided some excellent tips on helping your business get the most from its digital space.

Content Marketing Is Not A Straight Line

When we design content for the web, we often treat it as a step-by-step process that our consumers will take to locate us, click on our offer and subsequently buy our goods or services. Anyone who has ever searched the web knows that this is not the case at all. We battle against baby photos and cat videos on social channels, Facebook posts from friends, and the latest celebrity meltdowns screaming across the news sites. Consumers have a low attention span – especially on the web – and they rarely need us when they see us. It’s when they need us to solve a problem that we want them to remember us.

Rand Fishkin Preso Tweet - P Muldoon

Content Without Community Will Not Work

Content spreads because it inspires a community. Great content can reinforce an already set belief in the person exposed to it. It often refutes an opposing argument which can bring about heated, passionate conversations. Content that is in someone’s financial or promotional interest will also gain momentum. If it makes the person sharing it look smarter, feel more important and perhaps come across as a bit more worldly, it can gain some ground. Content does not necessarily need to be mind-blowing. It simply needs to build a community with a connection to the message.

Rand Fishkin Preso Tweet - Brian Vellmure

SEO Is Content’s Most Powerful Channel

According to Statisticbrain, over 6 billion searches take place on Google every day. While search traffic is distributed via keywords, social allows for a more highly concentrated effort. Of all the social networks, Facebook continues to be the biggest driver of social traffic to websites. (SimpleReach) When done right, content marketing becomes the rising tide that lifts the SEO ships. Without it, it becomes incredibly hard to earn the types of links that will provide domain authority and rankings in search engines.

Rand Fishkin Preso Tweet - M Heinz #2

Do Not Give Up Too Soon With Your Content

A solid content marketing strategy allows the process to gain momentum over time and permit the analytics to deduct subsequent steps, changes or modifications. Too often we stop too soon. Content marketing is truly a marathon, not a sprint, and failure only occurs if you do not learn from the experience. Keep pushing on, trying new ideas and being patient and persistent. We often quit just before the momentum can take hold, and a steady effort can make a world of difference.

Rand Fishkin Preso Tweet - What Now Exactly

Don’t let your content marketing efforts fail. Take to heart the lessons shared by Rand Fishkin and you, too, will find more success in your digital marketing efforts.

And if you’re looking to add a unique marketing conference to your list in 2015, consider attending the next Content Marketing Retreat in May. With top-notch presentations in a beautiful location featuring an intimate theatre setting, next year’s conference should be well worth the price of admission.

The Content Marketing Retreat Experience [Audio Slideshow]

April 24th, 2014

With this short video, you can get a taste for the Content Marketing Retreat Experience!

Our next Content Marketing Retreat is May 8th and 9th, and features Rand Fishkin as our morning keynote speaker, and Andrew Davis as our evening speaker. In between, 10 content and social media marketing professionals will share tips and techniques for measuring and reporting the results of content-driven marketing. See Details & Registration.


Photos by Dan Lamont and Russell Sparkman; Music by Josh Woodward, via Vimeo Music.

Interview with Russell Sparkman, CEO of FusionSpark Media, about Content Gold

April 22nd, 2014

NOTE: Pamela Muldoon is the host of the Content Marketing 360 podcast and recorded this interview with Russell Sparkman and speaker at the upcoming Content Marketing Retreat. Pamela will also be speaking at this year’s Content Marketing Retreat.

Russell Sparkman, Cofounder & CEO Fusionspark Media

Russell Sparkman, Cofounder & CEO Fusionspark Media

As marketing professionals we understand that developing a strategy with our content marketing efforts is important.  Yet often we stumble over this important process and jump right into the shiny object of a social platform or the creation of what we believe is stellar content.  This episode of Content Marketing 360 Radio Show host Pamela Muldoon is joined by guest Russell Sparkman, CEO and Co-Founder of FusionSpark Media a new media production and marketing communications firm specializing in content strategy.

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Interview with Pamela Muldoon, Host of Content Marketing 360, by Joe Pulizzi

April 22nd, 2014

NOTE: Pamela Muldoon is the host of the Content Marketing 360 podcast and recorded this interview of herself, with Joe Pulizzi as the interviewer!  Pamela is a presenter at the upcoming Content Marketing Retreat.

Pamela MuldoonEver considered launching your own podcast?  Curious how to better use audio as part of your content marketing plan?  This episode of Content Marketing 360 Radio Show host Pamela Muldoon has the tables turned as Joe Pulizzi, Founder of Content Marketing Institute, takes the reigns of the show to interview her!

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Interview with Andrew Davis, author of Brandscaping

April 22nd, 2014

NOTE: Pamela Muldoon is the host of the Content Marketing 360 podcast and recorded this interview with Andrew Davis and special evening speaker of the upcoming Content Marketing Retreat. Pamela will also be speaking at this year’s Content Marketing Retreat.

Andrew Davis,  Author and Speaker

Andrew Davis, Author and Speaker

Today’s marketing landscape requires more than just a new way of thinking. Today’s ever-changing, level playing field of marketing requires each of us to take a whole paradigm shift of thinking when it comes to how we market our products and services.
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Interview with Rand Fishkin, Founder of Moz, about SEO, Content & More!

April 22nd, 2014


NOTE: Pamela Muldoon is the host of the Content Marketing 360 podcast and recorded this interview with Rand Fishkin, founder of Moz and keynote speaker of the upcoming Content Marketing Retreat. Pamela will also be speaking at this year’s Content Marketing Retreat.

Rand Fishkin PhotoAs content marketing continues to evolve, how content works within search engines does as well. One of the top websites to get the latest on search, SEO, links and more is This episode host Pamela Muldoon goes directly to the source of this site with guest, and Wizard of Moz, Rand Fishkin.
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Matt Heinz’s Content Marketing Journey began at 2011 Content Marketing Retreat

April 22nd, 2014

NOTE: This unsolicited post was sent to us by Matt Heinz, founder of Heinz Marketing, a leading Seattle-area B2B marketing and sales consultancy. Until reading this, we had know idea that Matt’s attendance at the 2011 Content Marketing Retreat was such a pivotal moment. We’re inspired by Matt’s writing to do even better ourselves!

Matt Heinze

Matt Heinz presenting at the 2011 Content Marketing Retreat

Submitted by Matt Heinz, Heinz Marketing
I’ve been writing this blog for almost nine years, starting well before I began Heinz Marketing in earnest.  I didn’t really have an objective beyond using the blog as an outlet for my interest in writing more often about the things I was doing, thinking about and learning relative to sales & marketing.

Meet Matt at the 4th Annual Content Marketing Retreat – Join Us Today!

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10 Fantastic Things We Learned About Strategic Video Storytelling at the 2013 Content Marketing Retreat

May 29th, 2013


PLEASE JOIN THE 2014 ANNUAL CONTENT MARKETING RETREAT, May 8 & 9, with a special focus on Best Practices Measuring Content Marketing Results. Learn More.


With video storytelling more relevant to content strategy than ever before, we proudly hosted this year’s Langley Center for New Media Content Marketing Retreat with all things focused on video content. Here are ten fantastic things we learned from the Essentials of Strategy Video Storytelling as shared by our amazing panel of experts:

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