4th Annual Content Marketing Retreat

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About the Program

Best Practices in Measuring Content Marketing Results focuses on the strategies, tactics and tools needed to get measurable results from your content marketing activities. Insights and skills learned will empower you to justify your content marketing activities and budget to clients, managers, executives and other stakeholders in your company or your agency.

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Join us at the 4th Annual Content Marketing Retreat this May 8th and 9th, as expert presenters representing agencies, brands and marketing automation platforms  present measurement and ROI strategies and tactics being used across B2B, B2C and Nonprofit sectors.

Networking & Fun!

We are planning a range of activities, from networking events to kayaking! See pics from previous Content Marketing Retreats!

Eventbrite - Best Practices in Measuring Content Marketing Results

Agenda in Brief

Day 1: May 8th, 8am-4pm: Keynote & Presentations, 5pm: Evening Networking Event, 7:30pm: Special Evening Presentation

Day 2: May 9th, 8am- 3:30pm: SaaS Platform (software-as-a-service) Demonstration Day

Some of the Topics to be Covered:

What is Content Marketing ROI/Goals & KPIs/Lead Generation/ Interim Signals/Social Signals/Direct and Indirect Attribution/Hybrid or Dual Attribution/Tools and Platforms/ Skills, Levels and Training/Tracking Marketing to Sales/Optimizing Investment to Return Ratios/What works for B2B, B2C, Non-profits/and more…

Why Measure Content Marketing?


When it comes right down to it, the only real measurement for your organization is revenue. Right?

Not anymore.  Measuring content marketing ROI today involves tracking, measuring and analyzing a range of metrics and signals along the route to generating ROI.

Think of it as following a content marketing breadcrumb trail. Between the publication of content and the completion of a sale, there is a breadcrumb trail of interim signals that connect these events.  Each engagement event on the trail is a key performance indicator (KPI). And there are ever increasing numbers of ways to do this.

What does this mean to you?

It means in today’s content-focused, data-driven approaches to marketing, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to decide what NOT to measure, than what to measure.

The purpose of this year’s “Best Practices in Measuring Content Marketing Results,” therefore, is to lift the veil of how to plan and implement content marketing, from strategy to reporting metrics and ROI to clients and managers. You will learn which content is best for capturing which KPIs, you’ll learn how to understand and interpret data seen in dashboards, you’ll learn about the ever expanding world of marketing automation and analytical tools, and much more.

By understanding how to determine and track the appropriate KPIs you will be able to demonstrate through content marketing metrics how your marketing activities both indirectly and directly to sales and ROI.


Eventbrite - Best Practices in Measuring Content Marketing Results