Day 2: Platform Demo Day

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This is an unprecedented opportunity to see “under the hood” of the platforms and services that are gaining traction in the market today as “best in class” services.

Each Breakout Session is one hour long, with a half-hour between each. It’s anticipated that attendees will be able to sit in on as many as 5 Breakout Sessions during the course of the day.

Platform and SaaS Participants, to date (more to be added):

Cadence9 – Content Publishing Platform
Curata  – Content Curation Platform
- SEO Platform
What Counts - Email Marketing Platform

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3rd Annual Content Marketing Retreat3rd Annual Content Marketing Retreat3rd Annual Content Marketing Retreat

Does This Describe You?

As a busy marketing executive, marketing department head or business owner you’re concerned that you don’t know enough about the multitude of marketing and social media applications and SaaS (software-as-a-service) that promise to make your job easier and more successful.

But, You Know What You Don’t Know …

You’re worried that what you don’t know about how digital marketing solutions and tools can help you measure return on investment can negatively impact  your job performance or your business.

Yet, You Don’t Have Time …

You simply don’t have the time to research and review the products well enough to make informed decisions about potentially expensive commitments.

It’s Like Entering a Maze

When you have taken the time to look into these products, you find yourself descending down a rabbit hole of jargon laden services descriptions, confusing rate sheets, mysterious claims, serpentine payment options, and so on.

In the past, the hours you planned for a little research have turned into days, days have turned into weeks, and weeks into months.

You Have to Report Results

In the meantime, you have a boss or a client impatiently waiting upon a recommendation, one in which you know may cost thousands to tens of thousands of dollars … and that’s just to get started!

This is the reality that many marketing professionals find themselves in today.

And this is the problem that the Langley Center for New Media’s 4th  Annual Content Marketing Retreat sets out to solve.