New Media 2012

or Where the hell is this all headed, anyway? Sept. 19, 2009

New media, like any chaotic system, are highly sensitive to initial conditions. Today’s heuristical answers of the moment become tomorrow’s permanent institutions of both law and expectation.

John Perry Barlow

On September 19th, the Langley Center for New Media kicked off its premier event,  New Media 2012: Or, where the hell is all this headed, anyway? Ten presenters shared their insight, in 5-minute “lightning round” presentations, of the future of media, based on the premise that, in late 2009, most people were still very new to social media phenomenon such as Facebook and Twitter.

Click on the names below to jump to videos of individual presenters.

Robert Gilman, Founder, Context Institute
Joe Pulizzi, Junta 42; Author, Get Content, Get Customer
Tom Kennedy, Principle, Kennedy MultiMedia
Alexis Gerard, Chair, 6Sight Conference
Russell Sparkman, Fusionspark Media, Inc., Producer, New Media 2012
Brent Friedman, Electric Farm Entertainment, Co-producer New Media 2012
Joseph M. Tringali, 5TH Cell Media
Marcia Hofmann, Staff Attorney, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Robert Gilman

Robert Gilman of the Context Institute presents his view of how changes in our society will impact new media in the future. The presentation was made at the New Media 2012 conference held in Langley, Washington on September 19, 2009.

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Joe Pulizzi

Joe Pulizzi delivers a “lightning round” peek at where Content Marketing will be by the year 2012.

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Tom Kennedy

Tom Kennedy of Kennedy Media offers his perspective of where journalism is headed, and what it might look like, in 2012.

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Alexis Gerard

Alexis Gerard describes the future of visual communications

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Russell Sparkman

Russell Sparkman discussed the growth of visual storytelling by non-traditional publishers, including non-profits and government.

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Brent Friedman

Brent Friedman describes Transmedia storytelling as an emerging, rapidly adopted storytelling artform.

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Joe Tringali

Joe Tringali discusses the future of gaming

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Marcia Hofmann

Marcia Hofmann shares insights into user-generated content and privacy in the age of social media and social networking

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